Menu Society works with great restaurants to bring its members promotions at some of the best local restaurants. All of the available promotions are for day of only. Some restaurants offer both lunch and dinner promotions and some pick just one. This is really based on supply and demand.

The idea behind Menu Society was to help restaurants bring in new patrons at times the restaurant wasn’t ordinarily busy, or to bring in patrons to try new menu items or specific fixed meals.

One of the things that makes Menu Society unique is you know exactly what is being offered and where. Each morning and throughout the day the Menu Society site is loaded with local promotions. Some are for a fixed percentage off the total food bill and others are for a fixed price promotion.

As a member, you can see exactly what promotions are being offered by which restaurants.

Another feature of Menu Society that is appreciated by users and restaurants is we bring guest to restaurants at times the restaurant is looking for new business. It is a true win-win as the restaurant gets new guest and the guest get to try out a new restaurant with a discount or some type of promotion.

We view Menu Society as a win-win. Guest get a discount on the total food or some type of fixed price promotion and restaurants will often get new guest and they will be trying new foods.

The technology is pretty simple. We have an iOS app, Android App and a fully functional website. The users simply login and can view all of the nearby promotions. Users also have the ability to search any city. Once a user finds a promotion they would like to try they enter the number of people, time, and promotion booked and they are sent a confirmation and the restaurant is also sent a confirmation to know to expect the party.

We feel Menu Society is a great tool for those that enjoy going to new restaurants and also for the hard working restaurants that serve great meals day in and day out.