Menu Society is a dedicated team of both foodies and techies.

As foodies we always enjoy finding and trying new places. We also enjoy getting something special when we try something new. Whether it is a discount on the food, or a specially crafted meal, we always enjoy that little extra something. We also understand that a restaurant is a business. Great chefs aspire to make the customer happy. They enjoy creating that perfect meal to go with the perfect evening. However, it is also a business, and to keep producing great meals, they need business.

We often commented to one another how most restaurant coupons come to the restaurant at the worst possible times. Saturday night at 7:00 when the restaurant is packed isn’t a great time to bring in a coupon. However, on Monday at 5:00, when the restaurant isn’t busy and the establishment would love a new customer, they are not there.

As techies we felt there had to be a better way and Menu Society was born. Using technology to match the perfect new place to try and allowing the restaurant to offer promotions at the best possible times.

Join Menu Society and find that perfect restaurant offering that perfect promotion at a time that works for both parties, a true win-win.

We are based in Houston, Texas which is fast becoming a great food town. We think Houston is the perfect city to launch Menu Society but we will be rolling out nationwide quickly.

All of our promotions are for today. So, if for lunch or dinner you are ready for something new, join our society and find that great restaurant with that little extra something just for you, a Menu Society Member.

Bon Appetite