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A free and easy way to find new restaurants near you that are offering promotions!

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    Simply touch the location finder icon, or enter a city name and Menu Society will find promotions available nearby for tonight. You can also use our filter to search by time, location, number of people, restaurant name, price and even food type. You can click on a restaurant to learn more about it if you are not familiar with it. We offer a link to the restaurants website as well as other general information.

  • Book a promotion

    We offer three types of promotions. We offer a fixed percentage off the total food bill (beverages, tax and gratuity are not included) we also offer fixed price promotions. Fixed price promotions can be for one, two, or three courses and are clearly shown when viewing the promotion which courses are included. The fixed price promotion is for specific food items that are listed. You can click on any food item and learn more about it. We also offer custom promotions to allow a restaurant to create a unique promotion. All of the promotions are valid for the current day only and for the times listed in the promotion.

  • Enjoy your meal!

    Once you have found the perfect promotion, simply select Book Now, and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and a text if you have requested it. The restaurant will also get a notification you have booked a promotion. If the restaurant requires reservations we send your information to them so when you arrive and they will know what promotion you have reserved. When you receive your bill, the promotion will have already been applied. If the restaurant does not utilize reservations you will be given a promo code to provide your server which will allow the restaurant to know what promotion you have booked. Welcome to the Menu Society.

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