No account set up or deal posting fees!


Attract new customer

Menu Society was designed as way to help restaurants attract new customers at times when the restaurant is less busy. New customers will find your restaurant while searching on the desktop version or mobile app. We provide a link to your website as well as your phone number. We want to bring new customers to your restaurant and by offering a promotion is a great way to do it. When adding a new promotion you can even control which customers see the promotion.


You decide what time to run promotions

One of the great features of Menu Society is that it allows you to offer promotions at the time and days you select. A customer can only book a promotion for today. So if you know that on Tuesday from 5:00 to 7:00 you are slow, you can run a promotion only in that time slot. You can also say how many promotions can be booked and what the maximum number of people at a table is. Also, if for example you are long Salmon on Tuesday and it you want to move it out, you can set up a promotion for Salmon at a reduced price. Or, if you are expecting a quiet night and run a promotion, but then you get busy you are able to pause the promotion for the night. Of course those already booked will have to be honored. Setting up promotions is easy and you can have them run daily or just for today.


Create unlimited promotions

Promotions are controlled by you. You can decide what days, what times, how many people, and max table size for your promotions. You have total control over the items offered and the discounts. Our promotions are setup as either percentage off or fixed price. The percentage off is the total food bill excluding beverages, gratuity and tax. The fixed price promotions allow you to offer choices for appetizer, entrée and dessert. You are also able to just offer one course as the promotion and you can easily select what items are offered. We feel we have made a very easy to use, customizable solution, to allow you to create great promotions.


Instant booking notification

When a promotion is booked by a customer you can be notified up to 3 different ways. We can send you a SMS, we can e-mail you, and we can deliver a push notification so when the customer comes into the restaurant, you will know which promotion he/she has booked.


Booking history at your fingertip!

Your booking history will show you what promotions you have offered in the past and how they sold. You can even pause them and then, at another time, start them back up again. Also, we want to bring new customers to your restaurant and they are exactly that, your customers. So, the booking history will show you exactly who the customers were that purchased a promotion.


No Set Up Fees! Low fixed monthly cost.

There is no charge to set up your account. Once you register we will confirm account information and make sure your establishment fits in with the type of restaurants we are looking to attract. Once approved you login and enter a few remaining pieces of information, such as website, types of food, as well as an image. Once complete you simply start creating promotions. There is no limit to the number of promotions you can create. Adding promotions is easy and can be done in a minute or two. We charge a low flat monthly fee.