Can I search for only Italian restaurants?

Sure, we have a filter located at the top of the search page and also on the iOS and Android app. The filter bar will let you search by number in your party, time you would like to eat, and even the type of food you are looking for. Of course you can also determine how far from your location you are willing to travel.

Why isn’t the time I want to visit listed on the app?

The times promotions are listed is dictated by the actual restaurants. We encourage restaurants to offer our members promotions at times that make sense. So, if a time is not listed please consider visiting at a time that is listed and enjoy our large selection of great restaurants.

How will the restaurant know I booked a promotion on

When you make a reservation and receive a confirmation number that same information is transferred to the restaurant so they know exactly how many people are coming, what time, and what promotion was booked. You simply check-in like any reservation and they will know you are a member of Menu Society.

Is there a fee to make a reservation?

MenuSociety does not charge its members to make a reservation. We are compensated by the restaurant for bringing in new patrons.

What happens if I can’t make my reservation?

We understand things happen but since restaurants only offer a limited number of promotions we request you cancel as soon as you can so other Menu Society members can enjoy the promotion. We do not penalize you or show you less promotions if you have to cancel an occasional reservation.